What makes Sydney Second Home for your Child

Good bye to Ayahs

There is no space for untrained Ayahs to get interacted with the students. So the chances to imbibe so called culture and practices are kept away.Instead the Specially trained teachers take care of the physical, mental, cultural and social nurturing of the student.




No Junk Food

Our school kitchen is very special in many reasons. We prepare nutritious food following high quality standards and serve on time. It is scientifically proved that the bakery and junk foods are made of unhealthy chemicals. It is not advisable to serve this kind of food items to children upto 6years , as it may affect their brain development. Adopting this policy of WHO , The Sydney School promotes good food habits in our premises. Above all we never promote bringing food items from home to school.



Location that Matters

The studies reveal that the students studding in Schools on public road sides succumb to illness such as hearing & visual impairment,Asthma & lung diseases. So much so that all the Sydney schools are located away from heavy trafficking public roads.