Our Programs


»  Experience Books, Poems, Verses And Dramas

»  Listen To and Tell Stories

»  Imagine, Wonder, Think

»  Read and Write

»  Become Aware Of  Colour, Shape/Size and Numbers

»  Classify, Sort, Compare

»  Climb, Run, Jump, Push, Pull, Catch, Throw

»  Learn To Become A Team Player

»  Ride Vehicles

»  Learn To Share

»  Respond To Rules and Routines

»  Talk  About and/or Express Thoughts and Feelings

»  Talk About Safe Behavior



»  Paint, Draw, Model, Build, Construct

»  Explore Sand and Water

»  Experiment

»  Sing, Dance, Move, Make Music

»  Play With Dolls, Puppets, and Tools

»  Engage In Dramatic Play and Role – Playing

»  Explore, Investigate, Create, Represent

»  Solve Problems

»  Work With Computers

»  Look, Listen, Hear, Touch, Taste

»  Think and Make Decisions