Now a days, pre-schooling is a rapidly developing area in our country. Many initiatives are being carried out in this area and it attracts new as well as established entrepreneurs. In addition to being a catalyst in moulding the new generation, it ensures handsome monetary returns also.

It is observed that the number of pre-schools at present is insufficient to cater to the needs of school going children. As 30% of our population is of school going age, India needs 6500 schools to be set up every year during the next five years in urban areas alone, approximately. Consequent to dual income households and nuclear families, traditional form of homely care and learning are vanishing rapidly. This scenario demands an effective pre-schooling system.

About Us

Sydney Education Community has been established around the axiom that Education is about creating life, not mere imparting of knowledge. It is our strong footed belief that education is a celebration instead of a tormenting experience and certainly it is not to cause agony. It is the zenith of joy! We have been in operations from 2001 and our concept is to provide state of the art pre-schooling and child care services. We have immense pride in declaring that we have rich experience in each and every area of pre-schooling. The combination of highly experienced corporate sales and support team, highly qualified educationalists and trainers, well prepared child centric curriculum, enable us to excel in the scenario of pre-schooling. Besides, best business practices offer us a huge competitive edge to SYDNEY against other service providers in this area.

The demand drivers

  • Increase in the number of job seeking couples;
  • Increase in the number of working hours;
  • Increase in the number of nuclear families;
  • Increase of migration to cities;
  • Increase in income to spend on quality education;
  • Increase in the awareness of importance of quality pre-schooling;
  • Overall development in the standard of children.

Our Mission

  • To be the temple of learning, imparting education that:
    • Is complete;
    • Is cohesive;
    • Is constructive;
    • Is diverse;
    • Is excellence oriented;
    • Is experiential
Thus to become the torch bearers of a movement that aims at reinstating mankind as the stewards of the Universe.

Our Motto

Creating life, not just knowledge.

Our Strategy

  • We focus on positive outcomes, not on problems;
  • We consider children as active participants, rather than recipients of knowledge.
  • We are pro-active, not merely reactive.

Our Curriculum

We provide an integrated curriculum ( a blend of Montessori techniques based on Indian culture and pedagogical system) through which the children have the opportunity to acquire knowledge. It enables the children to develop skills, concepts, positive attitudes and ethical values. We impart both globalism and ethnicity (ethnic culture) in children. We encourage children to understand different cultures without losing their soul.

Salient Features

  • Unique approach to learning where the child is empowered to learn on his own pace.
  • Thematic rooms – Each and every room at Sydney is built in accordance with a theme and concept that enable the child to associate with, appreciate and imbibe from the environment.
  • Training methodologies and curriculum developed by professionals and experts of international repute.
  • Appreciable teacher-child ratio.
  • Fantastic ambience and infrastructure.
  • Excellent as well as interactive website.
  • Corporate tie-ups with big names in the industry.
  • Highly dedicated and skilled staff.
  • Appropriate teaching and learning aids.
  • Technology aided teaching module and methodology.
  • Consultation facilities with child psychologists and behavioral scientists.
  • Support of learning psychologists.
  • Parenting magazine – both electronic and print.
  • Child research centre for pre-schooling – one and only in the state.

The Sydney Franchise Advantage

  • Complete guidance and solutions to establish, operate and manage the Pre-school.
  • Interior layout design.
  • Complete course material with necessary modifications and updates from time to time.
  • Assistance in recruiting and the training of faculty.
  • Sydney quality management information system for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Arrangements for additional revenue generation through extra-curricular activities and programmes like summer camps, special care etc.
  • Reasonable franchise fee and royalty. No hidden costs or false promises.


Pre-opening franchisor support:

  • Assistance in site selection;
  • Interior layout design;
  • Systems and procedural disclosure for smooth operations of the pre-school;
  • Assistance in recruitment of academic & administrative staff;
  • Occasional directions in marketing guidance
  • Start-up training to the staff;
  • List of learning and teaching material along with vendor details;
  • Detailed curriculum, prospectus and other academic supports;
  • E-mail identity and presence of website;
  • Assistance and representation in organizing of launch

Post-Opening franchisor support:

  • Assistance in day to day operations and periodic review
  • Up-dated curriculum and academic material;
  • Periodic training to the faculties and other staff;
  • Centralized brand building and on instructions the franchise will execute centralized brand building for the group
  • Regular check-ups, feedbacks and guidance on revenue generation ;

Procedures for Obtaining Franchise


  1. Learn about SYDNEY.
  2. Obtain franchise manual.
  3. Arrange for site inspection.
  4. Deposit franchise fee.
  5. Sign franchise agreement.
  6. Set up the school as per specifications.
  7. Recruitment of staff and trainers.
  8. Launch school.
  9. Ensure day to day support from Sydney (using Sydney Quality Management Information System).